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Year 2020 2021 2022 2023 Total

Cost $2.2B $45-$55B $3.5

Wildfires 8,648 7, 396 7,477 5,601 29,122

Acres 4,304,379 2,569,386 331,360 275,058 7,480,183

Structures 11,116 3, 846 876 42 15,880

Fatalities 33 3 9 4 49


HOME Screen

Introduction (10 sec video about CA wildfires)

Focus on fires from 2020-Now

Fires from the past (visual maps)

Total of damages based on chart above

Also show damage based by year Include name of fires and locations chart to show how you figure out your Risk Zone.


Do you know what your zone is?

How to keep your home safe.

Learn more about the app.


The App

ABOUT Screen

About CA Wildfires:

Who we are:

What we do:



Introduce risk zones:

High Risk: directly affects resident, not time to prep

Moderate Risk: wildfire is near resident capable of hitting area

Low Risk: wildfire is near/stand by to evacuate

None (air quality): friends and family not in area at all but may have relatives/friends in high to low risk. These also may be those affected through air polution.

THE APP Screen

About the app:


More information:


Company Category Notes Website

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