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Research Methods:CA Wildfires

  1. Experience Prototyping: Facilitates active participation in design through subjective engagement with prototype system or service, product or place.

This will help get feedback about the usability of the mobile app, app game, and pamphlet. It creates an active participation and can help expand the design development and testing. It helps to allow the tester to role play as if it were in a scenario that they would need to use the products needed to be tested.

  1. Focus Groups: Dynamic created by a small group of well-chosen people, when guided by a skilled moderator, an provide deep insight to themes, patterns, trends.

Groups of people that are focused particularly CA residents who range in different ages. Will help to find if the products work. This is best used for app design testing. It helps to have a moderator for the group to help lead/guide them.

  1. Interviews: Method for direct contact with participants to collect firsthand personal accounts of experience, opinions, attitudes and perceptions.

Interviews will help with questions for professionals such as fire fighters anyone's whose occupation has to do with CA Wildfires. These will help clear any facts and truths about how to prepare for safety when it comes to your home and family.

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