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Design 3: Assurance

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Phase 2:

In this second phase, I explored different types of arrow Graphic Elements.


Table of Contents Layout:


Body Text:


Design 2a:

Narrow arrow graphic element used to point the important focal parts within the layout. Black and red gradient used for the arrows.

Photography are darkened to provide contrast with the graphic elements used.


Phase 1:

Explored geometric shapes pointing upward just like how the fire burns.

Cover layout: The graphic elements below, symbolizes a fire burning. The arrows help lead the viewer in the right direction. In this case, to lead to the Wordmark Logo CA Wildfires.

Table of Contents: Geometrical shapes pointing upward towards "Table of contents". The section numbers and section names with the descriptions can use some work and not be so pushed to the edge of the page.

Section layout: The description isn't so great and needs a little more work. However, what is working is the graphic element and the section number "01".

Chapter page: This layout was difficult because I wanted to incorporate both elements. The arrows pointing upward are working well guiding the viewer to the image. However, the fire element above the intro needs to be placed differently because fires burn up and not rain on you. I love how its guiding the viewer to the title.

Pulled quote layout: I wanted to have the visual elements pointing upward but opposite to the previous layout. Which is why it is pointing left upward.

Photo layout: Same goes for this layout the element is pointing downward like a hose trying to put the fire out. And I think as a separate element from the pointed arrows up, this is what it could represent-a fire hose.

This layout is my least favorite. I may explore this more and perhaps make it more geometrical.

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