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Design 2: Vital Layout

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Conveyed the opposite of the first layout. Instead of it with a hallow square, I wanted to use the square symbol but as a filled in element. I wanted it to bring focus but more similar to like a window to the world.

The cover: I wanted to use the logo as something hollow that way, anything behind it can create what CA wildfires is. In this case, its the trees that have been burning behind it. Its like a window for the viewer to see what wildfires can cause.

Table of Contents Layout: This was a bit tricky. The square idea of placement was rather hard. I wanted to bring focus to the title first and then the sections and their descriptions secondary.

Chapter Layout: This was tricky because I didn't want it to busy and still create some negative space to give the viewer some ease and to lead into the photo. I was playing with the header and the square visual element and I just didn't want it to be exactly the same like the table of contents.

Pulled quote Layout: The shape of the quote, I'm not too fond of. But I wanted to let this page be vibrant and red. To be like BAM! this is important!

Photo layout: I wanted to focus on the fire and make everything dark to create contrast. This is a window to the outside world where wildfires are happening all the time.

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