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Design 1: Vital Layout

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Draft 3

Revised layout using more transparent color and contrast to guide viewer to the most important part.


Table of Contents:


Body Text:

Quote Treatment:

Photo Treatment:


Draft 2

Revised the layout graphic elements. Made the window border 30px thicker. Created more hierarchy using opacity. Larger boxes are 80% opacity and secondary graphic elements are 60% opacity. I updated the layout composition.

Updated the opacity of the square border above to 80% and changed the bar below the descriptions to a lower opacity 60%.

Remained consistent with opacity bringing the windowed "01" and details higher for a more balanced composition.

Only change here, is opacity

Updated opacity of Border to 80% opacity and changed weight to 30px and decreased the px of Speaker's name and title.

Used the boxed border to resemble something like a window. Used it to focus on a specific part of the photo where the flames start from the ground. Treated only that portion of the photo in color as everything else in a black overlay.


Draft 1

Explored frame inspired visual element. Heavy weight of the frame indicates bold importance. By boxing specific elements it provides focus for the viewer.

Table of Contents layout: Goal was to bring more focus using part of the outlined square (side) to underline the pages and secondary, the title "Table of contents".

Section layout: created visual hierarchy to allow the number of the section to be visually appealing as it draws you to the second square of the name of the section and then lastly to more details.

Chapter layout: This includes the header and body text incorporating visual images. Brought the underline visual element back to highlight the header/name of the section. Continued to use the shape of the square for the shape of the images.

Pulled quote layout: Wanted to bring focus to the pulled quote and boxed it portraying its importance with a sliver of an image

Image layout: Added a boxed square visual element to bring focus to the important part of the photograph (in this case, its the fire).

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