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This is a Graphic Design MFA thesis project conducted by Leila San Jose to provide a visual communicative solution of important information.  This is in regards to the wildfires in California that have and continue to make a major impact. This also includes information about home safety and how to prepare for wildfire season and have it easily accessible to everyone.


Many Californians are low to high risk levels of wildfire do not have a "grab-and-go bag" in case of emergency.

Provide a kit with a checklist they can use in case of emergency.

Produce branding and package design for a "wildfire grab-and-go" emergency kit that can also be universal.


There are specific zones of the outside of your house to maintain landscape so that your house is not a high risk for a wildfire. There is a high risk of embers.

Educate wildfire safety for landscape and building maintenance.

Produce a mobile app and pamphlet to provide visual checklist with a map or diagram of safety zones and a calendar to remind them when to check.


The roof of the house is the most vulnerable, and then the vents and decks during a wildfire and must be maintained.

Educate how to prepare your building for wildfire season.

Produce an interactive mobile device game as easy for children to play.






Provide a kit with a checklist they can use in case of emergency.

Educate wildfire safe home maintenance (landscape and building).

Educate wildfire safe home maintenance (landscape and building).

Educate young children how to prepare for a fire.


2 points: Wildfire "Grab & Go" Emergency Bag with a modern and minimal branding design with a checklist, info, emergency items and containers necessary for an emergency kit for a family if they have to evacuate.

5 points: Educational Mobile App & Printed Pamphlet to provide a visual location and diagram of zones and how to maintain the home's building and outdoor landscape.

2 points: Live Website to provide wildfire information about current area, risks and resources.

2 points: Interactive Mobile Device Game designed to educate about how to keep the house from catching
on fire.

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